Trusted payments
solutions to Africa

Nairagram is a digital financial technology company dedicated to offering financial payment solutions such as cross-border payment, mobile top-up, and bill payments to Africa.

We Power Payments Across Africa

Bank Deposit

Our strategic partnership with major banks and financial institutions in Africa makes it easy for payouts of funds in a secure and timely manner.

Mobile Wallet

Our partnership with Telcos in Africa ensures customers can send directly to any mobile wallet accounts across Africa. With Nairagram, users can send money within minutes to mobile wallets in 30+ countries in Africa.

Cash Pickup

Our cash pickup network comprises of over 10,000 locations across different countries on the continent. Your beneficiaries or customers can pick up funds conveniently at locations near them.

Why Nairagram?

Easy Integration

With our API, you can seamlessly incorporate various functions and capabilities, all under a unified and user-friendly integration platform.

Regulatory Coverage

As a licensed company. We adhere to strict Fincen rules and FAFT's international standards for due dilligence and transaction monitoring. By choosing Nairagram, you will access a plug-in open architecture Fintech solution that can be tailored to you and your clients needs.

High level of security

We have a reliable and secured platform to ensure that your transactions are safe and seamless every step of the way.

Customer Service

We have a trained customer service team who are dedicated to providing timely, attentive, and upbeat service. They also serve as a link between you and the local bank in remitting countries. Rest assured, you will receive timely feedback. On every transactional query you might have.

Technical Support

We can leverage our cutting-edge technology to get your business started in our coverage areas with the help of our tech team. We are available to give you every inch of support needed along the way.

Reliable Payment Network in Africa

Over the years, we've built a reliable payout network when it comes to cross border payment, especially in Africa. Our client satisfaction continues to be our greatest success story so far.

Crossborder payment solutions

Expanding your
global reach

Our extensive network of strategic partnerships and direct integrations with various banks and financial institutions across the continent place us in an exceptionally advantageous position, allowing us to deliver the exceptional and excellent services we are known for.

30+ Payout Countries
50+ Currencies
100+ Completed Transactions
$ 2B Value processed (USD)
Cash Pickup
Bank Deposit
Mobile Wallet